... C L I C K    O N    I M A G E    F O R    F U L L    S I Z E ...

Beautiful Morning

Living with Concrete and Nature

This is a reflection of how we have spoiled the beauty of nature with man made stuff. We don't do things in a neat way as nature does, just run wire everywhere. 

Mysore Palace At Night

View of Mysore Palace at Night, I have captured it on my phone, and did some editing later with Picasa, hope it did not spoil the beauty of the palace.

Sunset at Kaggadasapura

Ever wondered if you can enjoy a Sunset @ Bangalore, Here is the Sunset Kaggadaspura ! It just needs a soul that looks for happiness ! 

Secret of Healthy Life ;)

Watch Sunset in the Midst Traffic Signal

On my way home from office, Whitefield road. I wished to be there for a while, but people were in hurry going home, honking from back :) — at Bangalore, Whitefield Road.

Key Chain

If you cannot buy Mercedes Benz, at least have a key chain, and feel good. This was taken on a lazy afternoon, my key chain was lying on my bag, and sun light from window was reflecting from it, I felt like taking a shot, and this is how it came

Golden Girl

This was taken when I visited Krishnayya Chetty in Commercial Street, Bangalore. It was mostly meant to give an impression as to with only Gold, how beautiful a girl can look! It was an Amazing painting, and I tried my best to capture it behind the lenses.


A picture taken during the Jodikere Kambala held at Altaru, near Barkur.

My Lappy - Vaio

This is just a time pass photo, taken with my phone, but came out really good. So here it is!